Football in Bracknell


FootballinBracknell is a ‘not for profit’ endeavour aimed at promoting football in Bracknell and the surrounding areas of East Berkshire. You can read more about us here.

However it still costs money to run the site with server, domain name and other costs which we estimate to total between £300 and £400 a season.

With that in mind, we have decided to run some small non intrusive Google ads on the site which generate a little bit of money, while we also have the option to allow local business to feature in highly prominent ad slots.

The EasyBranding ad at the top of an article page on the website.

The EasyBranding ad at the top of an article page on the website.

Last season we were sponsored by EasyBranding and Calibra Tree Surgeons with both companies ads generating 500,000 page views each over the 12 months. We’re grateful to both companies for renewing their support for the 2017/18 season.

The stats

FootballinBracknell currently generates an average of 8,000 users visiting the site and 30,000 pages viewed a month according to Google Analytics.

Ad price and duration

We are asking for £50 per MPU (300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high) for the season – June 17 to May 18. The ad will run in rotation with the others for 12 months.

How to pay

If you want to purchase an ad, we’ve setup a form that uses PayPal (you can also pay this way with debit/credit card details)

Some notes on what we do:

  • Tom & Duds pay their entry fees for any games they go to. This money goes directly to the clubs that need it and we do not use money earned from the site to pay for this
  • Any ‘extra’ money earned will be distributed to our local clubs in a way that is constructive for both FiB and the clubs in question
  • All paid for ads on the site will run from 1st June 2017 until 31st May 2018 – there is only one payment required