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Woodley United have dropped their latest forfeit video and it’s err.. heroic

It looks like Woodley United keep winning and keep singing.

The Hellenic League Division 1 East side have dropped their latest ‘forfeit’ video on the back of the global smash that was Jake Nicholls and Josh Drew bashing out a bit of Justin Bieber.

This time it’s Luke Turner, though heaven only knows what he could possibly have done to deserve this fate after his team mates Nicholls and Drew scarpered from the Finchampstead derby at half time to get to a Bieber concert.

The pair left Turner with some mighty shoes to fill after the video for a revised version of ‘Too late to say sorry’ featured on FiB, and

And to be fair, Turner – who featured in the 1-0 win at Headington Amateurs on Saturday gives Enrique Iglesias’s ‘Hero’ a good go. We’ll let you judge for yourself..

What do you reckon? Is Turner a bigger star than Drew & Nicholls?

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Tom Canning

Tom is the co-editor of FootballinBracknell. He has played at the lowest possible level of football. In real life Tom works for Trinity Mirror. Manager of Binfield Ladies in the Thames Valley Women's League.

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