Has Woodley (United) got talent? Vote for your number one

Christmas number 1? Jake Nicholls, Josh Drew and Luke Turner.



Christmas number 1? Jake Nicholls, Josh Drew and Luke Turner.


Woodley United have caused a bit of a ripple in the internet over the last 7 days with the brilliant story of how two players left a derby match with Finchampstead at half time to attend a Justin Bieber concert.

The match – which Woodley won 1-0, was delicately poised at 0-0 at the break but manager Michael Herbert withdrew Jake Nicholls and Josh Drew at half time.

It was only later when their forfeit video was posted by Herbert on twitter that the truth behind the substitution was revealed.

The pair performed a rendition of Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ which was featured on the Mirror.co.uk amongst other sites, but now they have a challenger in Luke Turner who performed Enrique Iglesias’s pop classic ‘Hero’.

‘The Robson & Jerome of our time’

Now though we need to know who’s performance is number one..

Let’s recap. Here’s the Robson & Jerome of our time, Nicholls & Drew:

And here’s (Tina) Turner:

Now you’ve refreshed your memory, it’s time to vote. Is it a yes from you?

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No word yet on a Christmas #1 assault on the ears hit parade. But stay tuned.

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