For no particular reason – the post General Election political landscape of the Hellenic League




In the week after the UK General Election I noticed this excellent tweet from Ed Knock detailing the political party of the constituency each Football League club was based within.

I obviously felt that the only logical thing to do was to see how the Hellenic League looked like. After all, the rather lazy Ed Knock decided not to detail each non-league division down to Step 10.

As you can imagine the Hellenic League footprint that stretches from the east of Berkshire almost to Wales is a Tory heartland. The vast majority of Hellenic League clubs are based within constituencies that are currently represented by a Conservative MP. In fact, the whole of the Hellenic League Division One East is Tory.

Of the 49 Hellenic League clubs across the Premier League, Division One East and Division One West only five of them are represented by a non-Tory MP. These are Brimscombe & Thrupp, Oxford City Nomads and Shortwood United Dev (Labour) and Abingdon United and Kidlington Reserves (Liberal Democrat). There are 44 Hellenic League clubs that are currently represented by a Conservative minister of parliament.

All of our local clubs in the Bracknell area are represented by Conservative MPs, with Adam Afriyie having four Hellenic League clubs in his constituency (Windsor, Ascot, Virginia Water & Binfield).

What does this tell us about the up-coming season? Absolutely nothing. The football can’t start soon enough!

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