12 reasons fans recommend visiting your local club on Non League Day 2017




Non League football supporters have been discussing why they love lower league football on our WhatsApp group this week with the annual Non League Day fast approaching on Saturday.

The event – in it’s ninth season – is a brilliant idea to encourage supporters of Premier League and Championship sides to visit a club close to them during the international break with this years selected Saturday the 7th October.

With that in mind, FootballinBracknell photographer Neil Graham asked our WhatsApp group members to complete the following sentence: ‘Non League is better than the Premier League because..’

Here’s what they said:

..we don’t pay silly money for tickets

..we can mingle with the opposition

..you get a friendlier welcome

..you don’t have to queue long at the toilets or tea bar

..the scenery is better (Windsor’s ground has a great view of the towns castle)

..you can watch a game, get a programme, have a burger, cup of tea and a beer all for under twenty quid

‘I do like seeing a dog being walked, just for comic value’

..I can stand where I want. Shout what I want (within reason), don’t get held hostage in away ends for 30 minutes after a game, escorted to nearest train station even if I have travelled by road and I don’t need a bank loan to attend

..it’s easier to park by the ground

..I got a mug of coffee at Ascot vs Bracknell and drank it on the touchline. Class!

..I do like seeing a dog being walked, just for comic value

..grounds have more character, you can mingle with and talk to opposition supporters, you can talk to the players and staff after the match. Players play for the shirt and for the love of the game. You’ve more chance of touching the match ball! And you can always get involved at a club; they all need more volunteers and it’s a lot of fun!

..definitely a community spirit amongst fans

And if that doesn’t convince you – we’ve compiled 11 reasons why Non League football is great here.

Want to find the closest game to you? Our friends at Get Reading have a brilliant search widget you can use by clicking here.

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