Binfield FC Reserves assistant Nick White has New Year surprise for boss




Binfield Reserve team assistant manager Nick White had a surprise in store for his gaffer when the team resumed their Suburban League fixtures at the weekend.

40-year-old White had persuaded club secretary to sign him on for the Suburban League without letting on. We’ll let manager Ellis Woods lay the story out for you..

Sorting through the team sheet yesterday to find I’ve managed to make a blinding signing in the January window.The cheeky sods been begging for a game for months, which I’ve always refused.

To get around it he gets Rob our club secretary to sign him on as a wind up! Let’s see how he likes the local fame when the fines committee come calling.

40 years young and still a fantastic left peg, or so he says.

The Moles were due to play Tonbridge Angels at Hill Farm Lane and duly dispatched the Kent side 9-2, sadly White didn’t make the cut.

Authors note: I’m reminded of the time when we were at Bracknell that Duds and I were trying to persuade then secretary Malcolm Hutt to sign us on as a joke. When we saw we were getting short of players in whichever season it was we decided against it as there was a very real chance we might have had to play!

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