All the Sandhurst Town FC goal gifs.. we think




Football’s supposed to be fun right? Well we think it is and Combined Counties League Division One side Sandhurst Town have really taken that on board this season.

You’ll all remember the craze for funny goal gifs that we think started with the Bristol City players and their social media team last season.

It even went as far as the Robins walking football team getting in on the act..

Well this season, it was Sandhurst Town who picked up the baton and ran with it locally, producing some amusing, and some confusing goal gifs.

We’ve scrolled through their twitter feed @sandhursttownfc for the last year and we think we’ve got all of them. Here you go..

Oh and if you like their work, don’t forget to vote for them in the Bracknell Football Awards Social Media category here.

Classic Rakey

If you were going to guess Charlie Oakley’s gif, you’d probably think it’d be something like this

Luke Burrows goes for product placement. Our spies tell us he has a fully stocked Yazoo fridge in the garage

Is Carl in the library?

I’m so dizzy… my head is spinning. You’re welcome to that ear worm, just blame Luke Turner

Nothing else to say hey Bobby

Did you ever find Patrick Gardner?

Here for a good time, not a long time. It’s Callum Samuel

Take a bow (Haydon Richard)son

Well done Coxy

Get well soon Greg

Joe gives it the thumbs up

Did Ashley close his eyes?

Nice gifs Amin

To finish, Herbie’s let himself go


Main image by Simon Bryce.

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