A design agency is mocking up Berkshire non-league concept kits and we couldn’t be more excited!




There’s Friday’s, and then there are Friday’s where you make a contact who ‘for fun’ likes to mock up concept football kits.

Robert Fenech is the Technical Director of Kappow Digital, based in Stamford, Lincolnshire, and it is his agency that produces the concept kits having previously created designs for clubs like Harlow Ladies, Grantham Town and this absolutely magnificent design for Guiseley AFC.

As well as concept shirts, Fenech’s side project is a website called LetFansIn that helps to connect users with their local club, showing a list of teams in the vicinity of the entered postcode.

Speaking to Football in Berkshire, Fenech said: “It’s a bit of fun, our designers really enjoy it and I can use them to promote LetFansIn.”

After speaking to us, Rob went away and his design team mocked up a modern take on Bracknell Town’s ‘famous’ quarters from the early 2000s when the Robins reached the First Round of the FA Cup, and subsequently the Fourth Qualifying Round in 2003.

Since then, we’ve also received concept versions for Reading City of the Combined Counties League Premier Division and a smart-looking set of Wokingham & Emmbrook shirts.

Reading City FC concept kits by LetFansIn.co.uk
Reading City FC concept kits by LetFansIn.co.uk

The concept for the Cityzens shirt on the right even comes with it’s own modern day ‘blurb’ from designer CJ who writes: “It’s got hidden subtleties about how money is ruining football – look for the dollar sign. Money has ruined it [the game] – but there is beauty still in it.”

We hasten to add, this is a comment on modern football and why Non-League is the superior version of the game!

Finally, Rob has sent us a classic and a modern-day take on a Wokingham & Emmbrook shirt, taking the amber from the days of Wokingham Town as well as the current orange the Sumas wear today.

Wokingham & Emmbrook concept kits by LetFansIn.co.uk
Wokingham & Emmbrook concept kits by LetFansIn.co.uk

What do you think of the kits? Would you like to see your club walk out in one of these designs? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’d like to submit your own suggestions for Rob’s team to have a go at, fill out the form below.

Submit your ideas:

Find out more about Kappow Digital by visiting kappow.co.uk

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