Where are they now? Bracknell Town centre back Peter Skerritt



Crowd watching at Larges Lane, Bracknell. Photo: Neil Graham.


For years we’ve been trying to track down legendary Bracknell Town centre back Peter Skerritt, can you help?

I’ve always wondered what happened to a legendary centre back and true gentleman, Peter Skerritt, who was playing for Bracknell Town when I used to watch as a kid (about 12).

He was a giant on the pitch, and I don’t ever remember seeing him miss a header, with the unmistakable cry of ‘Peters’!.

I believe he joined the club from Egham, or at least had a spell there during the time Nicky Collier was manager during the 90’s, but I always remember him handing over a Christmas card every year to my parents as he walked onto the pitch during the festive season.

I have no idea what happened to him or where he ended up, but I would love to know and I am sure he would want to know that he is still talked about amongst supporters as a bit of a legend, a word that is bandied about far to often but in this case is warranted. Believe me.

His brother James also played for the club for awhile, I believe as either a right back or right winger.

A brief google search has brought up the following didn’t bring up much apart from an old BTFC squad list – he was certainly in the starting eleven for the famous FA Cup first round proper match at Lincoln City.

Any information you have on Peter or his whereabouts would be great! Let us know in the comments below or email [email protected]

The search continues….

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