Bracknell Town regain the Fielden Cup




Richard Milam’s latest look back through his scrap book takes us to the 1977/78 Fielden Cup final that saw him bag a 93rd minute winner for the Robins.

A little more Bracknell town history from the 1970’s. The enclosed pieces are the team photo on the day and the report from the Bracknell News.

I am missing the name of the player in the front row? He is the fourth along. I think his first name is Francis and he was from Reading. Can anyone help please?

The team photo (top of this article), back row: Jimmy Woodcock, Dickie Milam, Steve McClurg, Kevin Stokes, John Palmer, Ian Docherty, Tony Gofford and Neil Stokes. Front Row: Tony Cullip, Dave Sumpton, Alan Cooper, Francis ? and Gary Webb.

Please look at the South Ascot team as our good friend Bobby Langridge is at the end of the front row.

South Ascot FC.

In Bracknell’s team, Dave Sumpton’s wife played in goal Bracknell Bullets Ladies. Alan Cooper is Millwall defender Jake Cooper’s dad.

The report highlights Steve McClurg giving away a penalty on 6 minutes. Given by Ross Allston’s dad Don. South Ascot led twice and missed a great chance to kill the game. Ian Docherty (The Doc) scores a sublime lob to equalise for a second time.

Then just as we think it’s going to be extra time, goalkeeper Palmer throws out to right back Sumpton, Sumpton advances, passes inside to Milam, who turns, advances and passes to the overlapping Sumpton who beats the full back and clips the ball into the area where Milam arrives and score the winner with a flying header into the top right hand corner 93rd minute. Should have had a hat trick but for very tired legs.

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