The 5 top Hellenic Division 1 East stats you need to know – from goalscorers to red cards




Whether it’s scoring goals or seeing red, the FA’s full time website records statistics for all clubs in the Uhlsport Hellenic League Division 1 East so we thought we’d pull out a few of the most important now we’re in to the second month of the season.

It’s a bit of a five way tie in the goalscoring charts with all players on six goals including Sandhurst Town’s Kylo Atkinson who has scored a third of the Fizzers league goals while Wokingham & Emmbrook have three of the top five highest attended matches.

We ran the same stats for the Premier Division and those are here.

Please note, statistics are only for Hellenic League Division 1 East matches played before 20th September 2017.

Top goalscorers

  1. Kylo Atkinson (Sandhurst Town) 6 – pictured above
  2. Fabian Driffill (Holyport) 6
  3. Christopher Hurst (Chalfont Wasps) 6
  4. Paul Rake (Holyport) 6
  5. George Weller (Penn & Tylers Green) 6

Most goals scored

  1. Virginia Water (25 goals) – Actual position 1st
  2. Sandhurst Town (19 goals) – Actual position 4th
  3. Bicester Town (18 goals) – Actual position 2nd
  4. Holyport (18 goals) – Actual position 8th
  5. Penn & Tylers Green (18 goals) – Actual position 3rd

Most red cards

  1. Chinnor 3
  2. Chalfont Wasps 2
  3. Henley Town 2
  4. Wokingham & Emmbrook 2
    Bicester Town 1
    Didcot Town Reserves 1
    Thame Rangers 1
    Virginia Water 1
    Wallingford Town 1

Highest attendance

Wokingham & Emmbrook's Elliott Rushforth against Penn & Tylers Green. Photo: Graham Tabor.
Wokingham & Emmbrook’s Elliott Rushforth against Penn & Tylers Green. Photo: Graham Tabor.
  1. 120 Chinnor v Thame Rangers
  2. 72 Milton United v Wokingham & Emmbrook
  3. 72 Bicester Town v Wokingham & Emmbrook
  4. 72 Wokingham & Emmbrook v Penn & Tylers Green
  5. 63 Wallingford Town v Chinnor

Attendance information provided by the excellent @nonleaguecrowd twitter account.

Points per game

For one season only, one of the most important metrics in use at step 5. The second placed team in the Premier Division table at the end of the season will have a chance at promotion provided their points per game ratio is amongst the best in the country, we’ve explained why here – here’s how they stand at present and you can see the full Hellenic Premier Division table here.

  1. Penn & Tylers Green 3.00 PPG (Current position 3)
  2. Wokingham & Emmbrook 2.25 PPG (Current position 5)
  3. Virginia Water 2.17 PPG (Current position 1)
  4. Bicester Town 2.17 PPG (Current position 2)
  5. Sandhurst Town 1.83 PPG (Current position 4)

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Main image: Kylo Atkinson by Mark Pugh.

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