‘Adam Cornell is so desperate to score in this one sided game’ – a 9-year-old reports




An awful lot of people enjoyed the recent report we posted from 9-year-old Luca Calvert-Brydges.

You can read the report from that game here, beware brilliant lines like ‘Egham are just getting shouted at’ which will, if you are anything like us, have you grinning – not because it’s Egham mind, it’s just a simple but brilliant observation of a game we all probably make a bit to complicated.

The young man, grandson of veteran Radio Wey and long standing Bracknell Town supporter Nick Calvert has now filed his latest report from Saturday’s 2-0 win over Chalfont St Peter.

Anyway, enough from Football in Bracknell, here is Luca’s latest report:

Bracknell Town vs Chalfont St Peter

Bostik League South Central Division One– Saturday 2nd March 2019

It’s a battle from the start with the ball probably doesn’t want to be on the pitch

Nice tackle to their keeper but it began a counter that don’t matter.

Corner after corner until it just got caught.

It is improving all the time for Bracknell.

Come on! And Bracknell make it count 1-0 (thanks to Dave Hancock)

Dave Hancock. Photo: Neil Graham.
Dave Hancock. Photo: Neil Graham.

Another chance for Bracknell but it doesn’t get there again.

Out wide trying to get the ball in the middle. It doesn’t make it and goes out. An amazing save from Bracknell’s Mark Scott.

It could be 2 or 3 but not quite.

It is a good game here and entertaining like always.

Offside again but not for the winning (home) side.

Bracknell want another before they get to half time, hopefully not for Chalfont St Peter.

Adam Cornell is so desperate to score in this one sided game here at Larges Lane.

Nearly another as Adam (Cornell) shot just past the post and then a header goes straight at Michael Power-Simpson.

The ball goes straight over Cornell’s head but it’s a free kick to Bracknell.

Keeper (Power-Simpson) punches it out and Jordan Brown nearly (but then) Cornell (actually) puts it home with his head 2-0.

Corner nearly headed home from Joe Gater but past the post.

Mark Scott doesn’t have to do hardly anything in this half.

Bracknell Town 2 Chalfont St Peter 0 at Half Time.

Cornell (has a pass) intercepted.

In the 2nd half it is Bracknell’s game.

It looks Bracknell aren’t in it anymore so #cmonbracknell

Bracknell need to play like the first goal (and) as I say that a chance just gets cleared as Joe Grant has comes on hopefully going to change the game back round.

We have got 15 (mins) to go in the game with the score 2-0 to Bracknell.

Grant back on after injury.

7 (mins) left hopefully we can hold the lead ahead here.

Chalfont St Peter are doing well this half.

Keeper (Power-Simpson) getting annoyed about a fake hand ball.

There’s a bad tackle by Gater as we are going into additional time.

It finishes here with Bracknell winning 3-0 …. just kidding it’s 2-0 hee hee #cmonduds

Bracknell Town 2 Chalfont St Peter 0 at full time.

Match report written by Luca Calvert-Brydges aged nine years old!

Do you have a budding young match reporter in your midst? We’d love to feature their reports on Football in Bracknell, whether it’s a senior non league game or Sunday League. Drop us a message at [email protected]

Main image: Adam Cornell by Neil Graham.

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