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Goalkeeper Martin Hutt returned to Bracknell Town this season as cover for regular number one Chris Adams, and has featured several times during October due to injury.

Martin kindly agreed to an interview with the club website and we’ve got the full transcript below, from his early days at the club to his most recent appearances.

‘Hutty’ made over 300 appearances at the club, including the 2003 FA Cup Fourth Qualifying Round defeat to Barnet FC, but was heartbreakingly injured for the clubs First Round Proper appearance against Lincoln City several years earlier.

Martin Hutt

Date of Birth
27th June 1980


Other clubs
Binfield and Farnborough

Job outside football

Where did you start your football career?

I started playing football as a kid for Woodley Wanderers up until I started playing men’s football I played for Reading Schools, Captained Berkshire, played for Reading Youth team, and represented England at fewer than 15 and 18’s.

When did you first join BTFC? Which players stood out for you then?

I joined halfway through the season before the Tallentire’s took over when we were relegated. I can’t really remember who was playing then. After they took over they brought players like Dave Osgood, Keith Pennicott-Bowen, Mickey Parker, Mickey Havermans, and even a young Ben Edwards, a good strong team.

What was the highlight of your BTFC Career?

Beating Basingstoke at home in the FA cup replay (wasn’t it in extra time?), the atmosphere in the changing room after that was the best I’ve known.

What was your biggest disappointment during your time at the club?

Getting injured a few games before the Lincoln City game meaning I couldn’t play in what was arguably the biggest game in the history of the club. Also dislocating my hip and fracturing my pelvis in 2003, I don’t think I’ve been the same keeper since.

You played under a few different managers, who was your favourite and why?

A tough one, the Tallentire’s put together a team that really got on well but probably Alan Taylor, I really enjoyed playing my football under him in the team he put together.

Who was the best player you played with at BTFC?

The best player had to be Hammo when he was playing in goal. What a record he had, never conceded a goal in all the time he played between the sticks! – I had some sleepless night fretting over getting bombed out the team and being replaced by him!

Who was the best player you played against?

I can’t really recall any players who stood out that we played against.

Of the current squad you have played with, who stands out?

It’s a very young team and being at the bottom of the league like this can really take its toll. It’s been a big step up for them and it’ll be interesting to see who progresses to manage at this level, but at the moment they are still adjusting. Maybe I’m being biased because I’m a keeper, but Chris Adams is a good person to have around the changing room, he seems to have taken to the captain’s role really well trying to encourage the others and keep a level of professionalism in the changing room (Goalkeepers union!).

How good were the ‘Hutt 1’ hero shirts?!

Very, my dad and brother loved to wind me up about them, when they turned up at our golfing holiday wearing them I couldn’t believe it!

I got much grief for it!!!

Off the pitch, are there any memories you can share from your previous time at the club?

A couple of very messy end of season tours, but what goes on tour stays on tour!

Do you remember Duds one man pitch invasion?

Of course, who doesn’t? How did he even manage to get over the fence? He was battered wasn’t he?! I was watching the play when the ref whistled for a free kick, then suddenly Dud’s, out of nowhere legged it past me in celebration. I’d never seen someone so happy for his team to get a free kick! The look on his face when he realised it wasn’t full time – priceless. We had such a good following at that time, even apart from that game.

Which opposition fans gave you the best banter?

I always tried to give as good as I got. The Slough fans always gave good banter, but the Barnet fans were probably the funniest – a few hundred fans behind the goal making the warning sound of a large vehicle reversing every time I stepped back to take a goal kick!

During your previous spell at the club, who was the biggest personality?

There’s been a few, Havermans, Osgood, Baker, Hammo – its hard to choose.

What are your memories of the Lincoln City and Barnet games? Hammo said: “Unfortunately Barnet proved one barrier too high for us – especially with their star striker Unders in top goal scoring form. At one-down, Alan sent us out after the break with instructions to “Keep it tight, then build”. Jon’s OG made it two almost immediately!

Well the Lincoln City game I was sat in the stands with the fans, having a beer and singing away! Barnet were just too good, we never really got going and after they scored we were just chasing the game. It was a great occasion for the club though, I think I still might have the video of it somewhere!

How has the club changed since you last played!?

When I left the club there was a really good following with the barmy army and their band and a packed bar after the games, but now there isn’t so many – maybe there’s too much football on TV and people don’t want to watch the local footy anymore.

When I left, the team were playing at a higher standard and the players had a lot of experience of playing at that level or higher, now the team is very inexperienced but they have a great opportunity to try and prove themselves at this level.

It’s good to see some of the people such as Ian and Tony, who helped run the club when I was there last are still involved. Along with some new additions such as Tom and Duds (who after that 8-1 drubbing we got now fancies himself as a potential player – and who can blame him!) it’s nice to know the club is in good hands because it really has given me some of my best memories as a player.

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