Full interview with new Bracknell Town FC boss Carl Davies

Bracknell Town manager Carl Davies. Photo: Neil Graham.



Bracknell Town manager Carl Davies. Photo: Neil Graham.


It’s been two games and six points for Bracknell Town since centre back and captain Carl Davies took over as manager at Larges Lane and he very kindly agreed to answer a few of our questions in a wide ranging interview.

Carl answers questions from the temptation to convert himself back to a striker, to changes in the back room team that has seen a another well known face return to the dugout.

As well as that Carl Davies gives an update on whether he will be active in the Hellenic League transfer market before the deadline passes at the end of March.

How have things gone so far? It must have been quite frustrating with the wait for a game?

Yeah but I think that sort of aided us a bit with the change. I remember last time when Tally [Mark Tallentire] went we were straight in to another game after losing to Thatcham Town and we lost to Ascot United on that Tuesday.

I think, as annoying as it was, you want to play but I think the break did help in that situation. It made it a bit easier for the players to get their heads around what’s gone on and just focus on playing again.

I’m getting help from Steve Nebbett and Geoff Warner. To be honest they take a lot of pressure off. Come match days I am literally just a player. I sit there as a player and focus because I’ve got a job to do as a player.

I talk with them leading up to the matchday, we’re all in agreement and I leave it to them to do from there. I’m just a player concentrating on playing!

So is Steve Nebbett back?

He is yeah, to the end of the season. You know what he’s like he doesn’t like the limelight but it’s no secret.

Steve Nebbett avoiding the limelight. Photo: Neil Graham.
Steve Nebbett avoiding the limelight. Photo: Neil Graham.

Any temptation to convert yourself back to a striker?

I’ve been tempted [laughs]. No, no. I wish I had been a centre half a couple of years ago if I am honest because I think I am much better there than I ever was up front. I’ve been told by a few people that if I had played there a bit longer I might have gone a bit further!

I’m definitely not going to be playing myself up front unless we are very desperate.

Who was it who put you back there first?

Tally at Burnham. We were 2-1 up against Wantage Town at home and I’d scored but with 30 minutes to go Callum Whitty got sent off and he put me back there for the remainder of the game. I played quite well, it’s probably the worst thing I ever did. Our next game was Slough Town in the League Cup and we ended up winning that 3-0 with me at the back so it’s been like that ever since really.

I was a bit worried about it, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it as much but I do. I’d never played there before, I was centre mid when I was really young and then a striker from the age of about 20.

Appointing Dave Hancock as Bracknell Town captain, was that an easy decision?

It was between two. I spoke to Dodds [Jamie McClurg] and we both agreed that it should be Dave. Jamie does it anyway, he’s a captain in his own right but he likes to keep things as they are so we both agreed it should be Hanks until the end of the season.

Dave Hancock performing captains duties for the first time since officially taking over. Photo: Neil Graham.
Dave Hancock performing captains duties for the first time since officially taking over. Photo: Neil Graham.

Are you looking at other players and is everybody staying?

Yep, everyone is staying. We said to the lads we’ve got a squad good enough to dfinish the season with. We are going to dual reg a few in the next few days, just in case of injuries or suspensions. I’ll certainly not be bringing anyone in for one game at the expense of a regular member of our squad.

It will literally be if we are struggling for players through injury or suspension then we’ve got people on hand to bring in if we need to.

One of these is a goalkeeper in Dan Weait who we have signed as cover for Chris Grace who has a child due with his wife.

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Dan Weait taking a penalty for Binfield. Photo: Colin Byers.
Dan Weait taking a penalty for Binfield. Photo: Colin Byers.

Are you still confident Bracknell can win promotion from the Hellenic League this season?

Absolutely. Definitely. Every game needs to be treated as if it is the winning game for the season. Every game will determine the outcome of the season, there are no lesser matches, every one is massive.

All the lads know we’ve got to be geared up for whether we’re playing Longlevens or Highworth Town, we’ve got to prepare exactly the same for every game.

I’m very confident, we’ve done it before, we’ve gone on a run before. Last season we went on a 14 game winning streak and I am confident we can do it again.

See all Bracknell Town’s remaining fixtures here.

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