Woodley United defender Idris Kamara. Photo: Neil Graham.
Woodley United defender Idris Kamara. Photo: Neil Graham/ngsportsphotography.com

Idris Kamara talks Hellenic League strikers, awards and plans for 2018/19

Woodley United's captain chats about winning a prestigious Hellenic League award and what's next
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Woodley United defender Idris Kamara. Photo: Neil Graham.
Woodley United defender Idris Kamara. Photo: Neil Graham/ngsportsphotography.com

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Woodley United might have ultimately suffered relegation from the Hellenic League Premier Division at the end of the season but that didn’t stop their performances winning plaudits as well as the odd scalp along the way.

One player in particular caught the attention of opposition clubs in the league fixtures as captain and centre back Idris Kamara picked up the Premier Division player of the season award.

The 29-year-old former Maidenhead United, Highmoor Ibis and Mortimer player sat down with Football in Bracknell to discuss the season and the his future.

Firstly, congratulations on winning the Hellenic Premier Division Player of the Season award. Is it something you were aware was on the cards and how do you feel about it?

Thanks Tom, being honest I wasn’t aware I was in the running. Roger text me in the evening saying that I was up for the award, which I would have been more than happy with given our position and how well Thatcham and Bracknell have done this year. But to win it was a complete surprise. I’m really pleased.

Idris Kamara. Photo: Neil Graham.
Idris Kamara. Photo: Neil Graham.

It’s been quite a two years for you with Woodley United. Promotion last season and a steep learning curve in the Hellenic League Premier this time for the club. What’s the next the challenge for you?

I’m keen to stay in the Hellenic League Premier next season and I’ve had a few really good offers which I’m contemplating. I’m going to take a few weeks to think about things before deciding which club is right for me. Watch this space.

You obviously found your feet at Hellenic Premier Level this season as the award shows, but we’re there any fellow centre halves you learned from or admired in the league?

The best I’ve seen this year would have to be Babs Jarra and Tom Moran at Thatcham. They have been quality.

What about forwards you’ve come up against? Who’s given you the toughest afternoon?

Ha! I knew you were going to ask that. There’s been four that really stood out Stephen Robertson, Ross Cook, Shane Cooper-Clark and Joe Grant.

Thatcham Town's Shane Cooper-Clark. Photo: Richard Claypole.
Thatcham Town’s Shane Cooper-Clark. Photo: Richard Claypole.

What was it about them that put them above some of the others?

I’ve come up against some really good strikers this year but those four’s movement and finishing ability was top class.

A couple of quick fire final questions:

Best ground you’ve played at: Holloways Park (Beaconsfield Town)

Best player you’ve played against: Seb Bowerman

Best player you’ve played with: I’ve got a few that I rate highly Adam Pepera, Jordan Brown, Mitchell Parker and Jake Nicholls.

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