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Bracknell Town chairman on Larges Lane improvements and match nights

Kayne Steinborn-Busse answers our pre season questions

Bracknell Town chairman on Larges Lane improvements and match nights

Ahead of the new season, Football in Berkshire thought it wise to check in with Bracknell Town chairman Kayne Steinborn-Busse to see catch up on some of the big questions at this time of the season.

Key amongst those is a change of midweek match night as well as an update on where Ross Weatherstone’s development team will play after the expected place in the Combined Counties League failed to materialise.

First up though, Bracknell are changing their longstanding midweek first team match night to a Wednesday from a Tuesday for the 2019/20 season.

According to Mr Steinborn-Busse, the club will actually be playing on Monday’s and Wednesday’s during the season.

He said: “We want continuity with our club training night on a Tuesday and Thursday. The first team will play cup games on a Monday’s and the two midweek league games we have scheduled will be on a Wednesday.”

Development team

Ross Weatherstone.
Ross Weatherstone.

Football in Berkshire also asked where the development team would play. Kayne said: “The team will be in the Suburban League Premier Division next season.”

Without seeing a constitution from the league, this move should put Bracknell in the same division as Weatherstone’s former club Binfield.

Larges Lane refurbishment

Finally, we asked about the ground with Kayne saying refurbishment work of certain areas was underway. The Bracknell chairman said: “We are finishing the refurbishment to the old stands and adding a new external disabled toilet and spectator area.”

We also asked about potential cover behind both goals. He said: “Yes I am hopeful to have something behind both goals.”

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