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Over the last few weeks we have seen just how much support there is for our mate Darrell Freeland, ranging from tweets from Bracknell Town first team squad to even Manchester City popping up!

The hashtag has demonstrated just how much support the non league game has for someone who does so much for the non league game locally. This month, I want to discuss just why the hashtag is actually so much bigger than support for Duds, but actually its a hashtag that epitomises just how great our non league game is.

#CMONDUDS firstly and foremost is a message for support. Duds is going through a tough time, and this can’t be ignored. Duds IS responding to the messages of positivity and the power this has had has been immense.

Darrell Freeland. Photo: Neil Graham.
Darrell Freeland. Photo: Neil Graham.

What strikes me as most powerful seeing all the messages on the hashtag is just how widespread the movement has been. What people fail to realise on so many occasions, is just how incredible the non league game is. The majority of people in non league are involved in the game for their passion, and to see so many messages of support, some of whom probably haven’t met Duds, is just fantastic.

Non league football is so much more than just turning up on a Saturday. There are thousands and thousands of people, just like Duds, who help out their football clubs week in, week out, and these people should be celebrated too.

England Lioness Fran Kirby. Photo: Ascot United FC.
England Lioness Fran Kirby. Photo: Ascot United FC.

At a time where we are worried about Duds, we should also be making the effort to thank the people who are at our club week in, week out, like he has been. The people that are there regardless of the weather, regardless of the result or performance in the previous week, month or season. These are the people that give our non league clubs the heart and passion that we have. Without them, we simply would not have a non league system. The respect that so many people have shown for our Duds is everything that epitomises non league football.

Bracknell Town first team. Photo: Bracknell Town FC
Bracknell Town first team. Photo: Bracknell Town FC

As a player in the non league game, there are several people like Duds at every club I have played for, and the players are affected as we grow to know our clubs volunteers as so much more than just volunteers.

These are the people we have a pint with after the game, these are the people we run over and celebrate with despite there only being 3 of them. So this month, whilst we continue to use #CMONDUDS as a gesture to support our Duds, take the time out to speak to all the other people who support our clubs just like Duds.

See all the #CMONDUDS photos we’ve had submitted:

#CMONDUDS has enabled the local non league game to come together and collectively help a sick man have a fighting chance in what was perceived to be an impossible task. Imagine if the FA could see how something as small as a message of support has had such fantastic impact on someone’s life. Imagine we big pictured it to wonder if they could see what little things they could do to help the non league game. Imagine if they could see…

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