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Wednesday 30th March 2016 was the day Football in Bracknell was launched with this headline ‘Two defeats in four days and now I’ve got to wash the kit!’ and a post about Windsor’s kit which we’re actually now quite fond of!

The aim of the site was, as it is now to generate interest in the local game and try to shine a spotlight on it and some of the incredible people involved.

You might have noticed though that since Christmas we’ve been trying to branch outside our Bracknell, Wokingham, Ascot, Binfield area and cover a bit more of Berkshire.

So we’re going to make things official and I’m pleased to be able to say we’re going to become Football in Berkshire over the summer to better reflect the area we cover, in time for the new season as we build on all the brilliant work by our writers and photographers and goodwill from you, our readers.

We’ll have a lovely new logo as well so stay tuned for that!

Make sure you join our new Football in Berkshire facebook group here.

What does it all mean?

The site will largely remain as it is, we will stay not-for-profit, relying on a few local businesses buying ads to pay for servers, that kind of thing so you won’t be seeing big pop up ads or anything like that.

Duds and I spoke about doing this a few months ago when it seemed like he might be back with us on the terraces. There were chats about getting ourselves to games around the County, and now it still seems like the right thing and right time to do it.

Of course, all this means we could use a few more contributors to help us cover some of the additional leagues and clubs, and as ever we’re always open to one off or a series of contributions.

If you are interested in writing, contributing photos or supporting Football in Berkshire next season, take a look at the details here.

Want to know who already contributes? Find out here.

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Football in Berkshire is a not for profit site run by volunteers. We feel though that sometimes people need rewarding for the hard work they put in and we wanted to let you know you can support our contributors individually if you so wish. Contributors to this article are as follows:
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