A picture from October 2017 of the away team dressing room post match at Rivermoor. Photo: Mark Rozzier

The rise of changing room shaming

Clubs are getting fed up with state dressing rooms are left in after a game
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A picture from October 2017 of the away team dressing room post match at Rivermoor. Photo: Mark Rozzier

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A couple of weeks ago I was taken to task after backing a step 7 club that had posted a picture of the away dressing room at the club after the visitors had departed.

You know the scene, rubbish left behind, sock tape, the sort of thing that happens week in week out up and down the country from grassroots to professional clubs because there’s someone who’ll come and clean it all up.

Well, several clubs locally have had enough and have started ‘shaming’ their opponents by posting a picture of the room on twitter. Another club responded: “Wonder if the same comments would’ve been made if you’d won? It’s a couple of Red Bull cans, must’ve taken ages to clean.”

Just wow. Changing rooms need cleaning, yes. But why should a volunteer also have to be a litter picker because you couldn’t be bothered to use a bin? It’s nothing to do with winning or losing.

I’ve been that volunteer who’s had to clean the equally filthy home and away dressing rooms at my club, I didn’t have social media to air a grievance back then but had I, I might have snapped as well. How hard is it to put rubbish in a bin?

I’d prefer clubs to deal with something like this in house, give the opposition a chance to right the mistake before putting it online but I don’t know the circumstances around some of the recent posts – the team may have left straight away for example. I have though noticed as many ‘thanks for leaving the changing rooms clear’ tweets recently so it’s not all negative.

Ultimately, at grassroots level it comes down to respect. Respect of your opposition, their facilities, volunteers and the reputation of your own club. Put your bloody rubbish in a bin!

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