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Watch the moment goalkeeper is beaten with audacious lob – at five aside..

Our friends at Stocker Soccer have a little video camera operating during their five aside league’s across Bracknell and the surrounding area, and just occasionally they capture a little gem like this beauty.

Picture the scene, you’re in goal by the way.

You race out and claim a ball with both hands, a quick look up. You see a bit of space – it’s one of ‘those’ leagues where the goalkeeper can leave his area.

You get the ball down and head forward as an extra man, you see your team mate, you give him the ba.. no.. wait he’s not on my side, what’s he doing? He can’t score from there.

Oh darn.

Better still, watch the video!

Find out more about Stocker Soccer and how to get your team up and running here.

Tom Canning

<p>Tom is the co-editor of FootballinBracknell. He has played at the lowest possible level of football. In real life Tom works for Trinity Mirror.</p><br />

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  1. […] at Stocker Soccer regularly record the games at the 5 a side events and occasioally come up with absolute gems like this moment a goalkeeper is lobbed and the goal from Luke Francis that we are about to show […]