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Sam Barratt’s free kick is dealt with in spectacular fashion

We’re all used to seeing Maidenhead United winger Sam Barratt’s free-kicks resting peacefully in the back of the opposition net, but this latest effort against Wealdstone on Saturday ended with a piece of sublime genius.

And not from Barratt..

Watch the video below as Sam – who had already scored in the game – stands over the ball, ready almost to turn away in celebration.

Unfortunately this isn’t one of his better efforts and just when you think it’s all gone to waste, well.. just watch..

The best bit of the video, after you watch it on loop three or four times is the realisation the lad on the other end of the ball is protecting someone else who has dived behind him.

The look up to see how much distance he got afterwards is priceless.

A Maidenhead United fan heads Sam Barratt's free-kick back on to the pitch.

A Maidenhead United fan heads Sam Barratt’s free-kick back on to the pitch.

Main image: Sam Barratt by Connor Sharod-Southam.

Tom Canning

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