#oakleyvoakley: The big quiz ahead of Woodley United vs Sandhurst Town




It’s the big Woodley United vs Sandhurst Town Uhlsport Hellenic League Division 1 East match on Saturday afternoon at Scours Lane as brothers Charlie and Harry Oakley square up on opposing sides.

As a bit of fun in the build up, we set the lads a quiz around how well they knew each other, their clubs and how they thought the game would go.

Tune in Saturday evening to find out the final result.

Oh and here is how the twitter poll is coming along..

SECTION 1 – How well do you know each other?

As a kid, what was your brothers favourite toy?

Charlie: Not a toy, but he wore his Batman outfit for 2 weeks straight once 👎

Harry: Thomas the Tank Engine 👎

Score: 0-0.
Charlie said ‘probably any kind of football’ and Harry said ‘A book – The Encyclopedia of Knowledge’.

What’s the most embarrassing childhood story your brother knows about you?

Charlie: Allowing my mate to cut my hair only to royally screw it up giving me front half buzz cut and back and sides grown out 👎

Harry: Crying when Cardiff City beat QPR in the 2003 Play Off Final…..I was 13 👍

Score: We worded this question poorly, but you got two good stories so we’re giving them a point each, 1-1.

Charlie said ‘He cried when QPR lost to Cardiff in 2003 in extra time. Real tears.’

Who was the biggest influence on your brothers footballing career?

Charlie: Dad 👍

Harry: Me…..surely? 👎

Score: 2-1 Charlie.

Charlie said: ‘Dad, had to be given he was my coach for 11 years”}”>Dad, had to be given he was my coach for 11 years’ sorry Harry!

Who was your brothers favourite footballer growing up?

Charlie: Kevin Gallen 👍

Harry: Michael Owen 👍

Score: 3-2 Charlie.

What was the first football match your brother went to?

Charlie: QPR vs Wimbledon (1996) same as me I think? 👍

Harry: QPR vs Wimbledon 👍

Score: 4-3 Charlie.

What did your brother want to be growing up?

Charlie: Actor – he’s fantastic at accents to be fair 👎

Harry: A Hairdresser 👎

Score: 4-3 Charlie. Both wrong, Charlie’s answer was ‘a teacher’ and Harry’s was ‘a journalist’.

Which team does your brother support?

Charlie: QPR 👍

Harry: QPR 👍

At the end of round 1, it’s 5-4 to Charlie in #oakleyvoakley…

Charlie Oakley scores for Woodley United. Photo: Mark Pugh.
Charlie Oakley scores for Woodley United. Photo: Mark Pugh.

SECTION 2 – Your club

Where we ask the brothers questions about their respective clubs..

When was your club in it’s current form founded?

Charlie: Woodley United is quite recent as it’s merged – 2011 I think 👍

Harry: 1910 (No idea to be honest) 👍

Score: 6-5 Charlie. Both spot on. The current merged Woodley United club came together in 2011 with United, Town and Saints joining forces.

What is your clubs best FA Cup run?

Charlie: I’m guessing no further than a preliminary round – have we even been in it? 👎

Harry: 2002 👎

Score: 6-5 Charlie. Both wrong. Woodley haven’t ever played in the FA Cup – but we’ve got to take the first answer, Sandhurst’s was the Second Qualifying Round in 2004/05 when they lost to Leatherhead.

Who is your clubs current top league scorer?

Charlie: Me. 11 goals. 👍

Harry: Maurice Black 👎

Score: 7-5 Charlie. A two point cushion. Charlie is correct but he has scored 10 league goals, Alexander Penny is Sandhurst’s with 3.

Name one of your clubs current top league appearance maker?

Charlie:  Joe Barley, only player to play every game since I missed last week. 👍

Harry: Matt Watson must be up there 👍

Score: 8-6 Charlie. Woodley’s top app makes with 10 each are Joe Barley, Idris Kamara, Jake Nicholls, Alex Reed and Luke Turner while for Sandhurst it’s Harry Oakley and Matt Watson.

Harry – who scored Sandhursts first goal of the season?

Danny Turner 👍

Charlie – who scored Woodley’s SECOND goal of the season?

Gregory Beckett. Penalty vs Rayners Lane 👍

Score: 8-6 Charlie.

Charlie Oakley finishes round 2 with a two point cushion. It could all change in section 3 on matchday though..

Woodley United FC's Charlie Oakley. Photo: Mark Pugh.
Woodley United FC’s Charlie Oakley. Photo: Mark Pugh.

SECTION 3 – The match..

Have a stab at a final score:

Charlie: Woodley 3 – 1 Sandhurst 👎

Harry: Woodley 0-2 Sandhurst 👎

Have a guess at a first goalscorer in the match

Charlie: Fresh Prince 👍

Harry: Me 👎

Have a guess at a last goalscorer in the match

Charlie: Hopefully me 👎

Harry: Josh Anwar 👎


Charlie Oakley wins the first ever #oakleyvoakley – 9 points to 6.

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