Bracknell Town: Debt free, redevelopment and new logo – all you need to know




It was a busy night at Bracknell Town’s annual awards night on Friday with a raft of announcements about the clubs future. Here they are in brief.

1. Debt free

The biggest millstone around Bracknell’s neck was two sizeable loans. These have reportedly been cleared leaving the club debt free for the first time in decades.

2. Redevelopment

Larges Lane will never look the same again. Redevelopment plans have been given the go ahead and will include the laying of an artificial surface and refurb of pitchside buildings.

Bracknell MP Doctor Phillip Lee has come out in support of the project.

3. Brand/logo

A brand new modern design was unveiled for the club crest. As supporter Steve Gabb said: ‘it’s a robin, it’ll be on a red shirt, it’s fine’.

Steve went through the rebrand at Cardiff City and all the turmoil that caused!

4. Ground share

You will see rumours about a ground share for the start of the 2016/17 season on the internet. We understand that at the moment this is unconfirmed and certainly hasn’t been agreed with the league.

5. Cornell rewarded by team mates

Rather l0st in all that was the news Adam Cornell was voted players player of the year and took home the Roger Edwards golden boot.

Kennie Chamberlain was managers player while Tenacious G George Lock was supporters player.


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