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5 things we learned from our visit to Bracknell Town FC on Saturday morning

5 things we learned from our visit to Bracknell Town FC on Saturday morning

We were lucky enough to have a guided tour around Larges Lane on Saturday morning with Bracknell Town FC chairman Kayne Steinborn-Busse.

We saw the full extent of the work that has taken place – you can watch the full tour below – and we’ve broken down the main points from the visit.

Good use of the space

The first thing you notice driving up to the new ground is how much scrub land has been reclaimed on Larges Lane. This area will be for the new housing development which will ultimately pay for the whole endeavour.

Around the ground, areas have been put to better use with the old garage replaced with a container that will become the new boardroom area. Across the far side underneath the Mount Pleasant area is the current club office but also becomes the main storage area.

Room to grow

A new stand is being constructed on the back of what was the function room and will seat 150 people. Looking from the pitch, to the right is a tarmac’d area which will be an open area – but has the potential to take a new stand should the club progress.

The new main stand at Larges Lane. Photo: Colin Howard.

The new main stand at Larges Lane. Photo: Colin Howard.

A nod to history

The Jack Quinton End name is being retained as an area of the ground – planning permission has been sought to erect a covering – but importantly the Mount Pleasant end will become the Jack Quinton Memorial End with room for the names of all the people who have made important contributions to the club but are no longer with us.

At the bottom end, the Larges Lane end – this will be named the Bradley End – which is named in honour of Brian and June who were instrumental in the construction of the Larges Lane site – particularly the buildings.

There’s also some news on how FootballinBracknell readers can help name the new stand here.


It’s well documented that the previous Larges Lane pitch was on a slope, but the development has brought in to stark contrast the different extremes on the site – for example the bottom of the pitch looked at least 15 feet higher than the Larges Lane road itself.

Photo: Colin Howard.

Photo: Colin Howard.

That’s an awful lot of soil that needs to be shifted and we understand this will be redistributed locally which will be much better financially and environmentally.


The club revealed in the Bracknell News this week that they have formed an educational partnership with Wellington College in Crowthorne – and as such what was the ‘main bar’ is being refurbished as a classroom area.

Watch the Larges Lane tour:

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