What football boots to wear on the new artificial pitch at Bracknell Town FC




With the official opening of Bracknell Town Football Club’s refurbished Larges Lane ground just weeks away, and training underway on the pitch we thought we’d take look at the types of footwear you will be able to wear on the pitch.

There are strict guidelines on the types of boots that can and can’t be worn on the pitch – wearing the wrong type of footwear means you will run the risk of not being able to play, or worse being responsible for damaging the surface.

All modern football footwear comes with a two letter code to signify the type of boot it is which we have detailed below.

So, first up – here’s what you can wear:

AG – Artificial Ground

These boots usually feature more studs than usual on the underside and are ideal as the name suggests for artificial surfaces.

Here’s a full range of ‘Artificial Ground’ boots via Pro Direct Soccer, cheapest price first.

FG – Firm Ground

More suited to hardened summer grass pitch but the short moulded studs make these ideal for artificial pitches as well.

Here’s a full range of ‘Firm Ground’ boots via Pro Direct Soccer, cheapest price first.

HG – Hard Ground

We’re getting really picky now, but the difference between these and FG are apparently a tougher soul.

TF – Turf Trainer

More commonly known as astroturf boots, these feature small pimpled grips on the underside and are probably okay in the summer, but we remain unconvinced by them on a wet 3/4G surface – still they are on the allowed list.

Here’s a full range of ‘Turf Trainer’ boots via Pro Direct Soccer, cheapest price first.

Looking across to Mount Pleasant at Larges Lane. Photo: Colin Howard.
The brand new surface at Bracknell Town FC. Photo: Colin Howard.

And here is what you can’t/won’t be allowed to wear:

SG – Soft Ground

Usually screw in studs, these are known to tear the surface – and you wouldn’t want to be ‘that guy/girl’ would you.

SGP – Soft Ground Pro

Similar to the above but include moulded/screw in stud hybrid. Why? We don’t know but don’t wear them!


These were a suprise inclusion in the ‘no’ list for us, but blades have been known to get caught and cause injury.

Flat Sole (Indoor)

You might as well be wearing your slippers, you’ll have no grip and according to the advice the indoor shoes flatten the surface – something that would have been okay at Larges Lane 6 months ago, but not now! Okay!

Please note, anything purchased via the links to Pro Direct Soccer on this page may result in a small fee being paid to FiB. This money will go straight into the website and help us keep it running – FiB remains a not for profit endeavour. There are of course other boot retailers available.

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