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The Binfield FC masterplan: What’s going where at Hill Farm Lane?

The Binfield FC masterplan: What’s going where at Hill Farm Lane?

Binfield FC’s Hill Farm Lane ground is undergoing more than £300,000 worth of redevelopment in 2017, as part of the ‘staged’ capital project over two years, which includes improved changing facilities, car parking, disabled access improvements, pitch safety fencing and pitch irrigation.

FootballinBracknell sat down with project leader Glenn Duggleby to understand just what is happening at the Moles home.

We’ve transposed the points on to a Google Earth map:

The Binfield FC masterplan.

The Binfield FC masterplan.


2. The new changing room block replaces the ‘shed’ which was removed on New Years Eve 2016

3. Refurbishment of the existing club house with new toilets and cloakroom

4. New pitchside fencing and gates to be installed


1a & 1b.  New and improved car parking on site at Hill Farm Lane

5. The new pitch irrigation facility

The shed end during dismantling. Photo: Ellis Woods.

The shed end during dismantling. Photo: Ellis Woods.

The refurbished clubhouse masterplan..

As part of the refurb, the Binfield club house will receive a bit of a remodel.

  1. New female toilet
  2. Disabled access toilet
  3. New male toilet
  4. Meeting and training room
  5. Externals doors from changing to clubhouse and bag rack
  6. Store room and bag rack
  7. Press room
  8. Refurbished kitchen
  9. Kitchen store
  10. Cellar
  11. Bar
  12. Extended serving area

And here’s what the new changing block is going to look like:

Tom Canning

Tom is the co-editor of FootballinBracknell. He has played at the lowest possible level of football. In real life Tom works for Trinity Mirror. Manager of Binfield Ladies in the Thames Valley Women's League.


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