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Berks County raising funds with £10 dugout sponsorship raffle

Swords new dugouts are being installed in the summer

Berks County raising funds with £10 dugout sponsorship raffle

Berks County have come up with a novel and inexpensive way of paying for their new dugouts set to be installed at the John Nike Stadium this summer.

The Thames Valley Premier League club are holding a raffle to find a sponsor for each of the two units to be installed with tickets priced at £10 each.

Any Berks County member, player or business can purchase a £10 raffle ticket. Every person or business who buys a ticket will get their name printed on the dugouts however the winner will get their name or logo emblazoned across in large detail (similar to pictured).

To sponsor, simply email [email protected] and you will be able to pay through your club account. Non-members can be invoiced to pay by bank transfer.

  • The image in this article is a first draft and final vinyl design may vary.
  • Vinyls to remain in place for a minimum of 3 years
  • Business logos won’t be subject to a design fee
  • One winner per dugout, deadline 17th June 2017

So if you fancy joining FootballinBracknell and Digitavia AV in purchasing tickets you only have 10 days to go!


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Tom Canning

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