Hellenic League Wokingham & Emmbrook confirm who they will ground share with




Uhlsport Hellenic League Division 1 East side Wokingham & Emmbrook have reached an agreement with a neighbouring club to stay in the league next season.

Those following the story will know the Sumas have been told they can continue at step 6 if they share at a ground with suitable facilities while Lowther Road is developed.

Following several meetings, the Wokingham have confirmed they will return to Bracknell Town’s Larges Lane ground for a season in order to keep their league status.

Lowther Road

The club have planning permission already at Lowther Road to get the ground up to scratch and work is expected to start this year.

Wokingham & Emmbrook play Bracknell Town the last time the two clubs ground shared.

In the meantime, Sumas secretary Bob Good has negotiated a share arrangement with neighbours Bracknell for the 2018/19 season – where they previously shared for several years from 2010.

Good had previously tweeted a statement saying: “Wokingham & Emmbrook are committed to playing at step 6 next season and we will ground share. Statement once agreed. We will develop Lowther Road to stay at step 6 in the following season and we are aiming to be where we should be at step 5.”

Main image: Wokingham & Emmbrook secretary Bob Good with Bracknell Town chairman Kayne Steinborn-Busse.

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