CONIFA World Cup 2016 Final.
CONIFA World Cup 2016 Final.

All the 2018 CONIFA World Cup fixtures in London, Slough and Bracknell

The CONIFA World Cup is coming to London, Slough and Bracknell for 10 days of football
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CONIFA World Cup 2016 Final.
CONIFA World Cup 2016 Final.

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All the important dates and fixtures for the 2018 CONIFA World Cup, taking place in London, Slough and Bracknell from 31st May to the 9th June.

It’s 10 days of alternative World Cup Football bringing together nations not recognised by FIFA, de-facto nations, regions and minority peoples. CONIFA has members on five continents from as far away as Kiribati in Oceania and as close as the Isle of Mann.

The fixtures in both Bracknell and Slough have been highlighted in bold. Tickets are available now! You can also find all the fixtures on the excellent Groundhopper app  on iTunes here and Android here.

Thursday 31 May

12pm (Sutton United FC): Ellan Vannin v Cascadia (Group A) – buy tickets

12pm (Enfield Town FC): Abkhazia v Tibet (Group B) – buy tickets

12pm (Haringey Borough FC): Székely Land v Tuvalu (Group C) – buy tickets

12pm (Carshalton Athletic FC): United Koreans in Japan v Western Armenia (Group D) – buy tickets

3pm (Enfield Town FC): Northern Cyprus v Karpatalya (Group B) – buy tickets

3pm (Sutton United FC): Padania v Matabeleland (Group C) – buy tickets

3pm (Slough Town FC): Panjab v Kabylia (Group D) – buy tickets

7pm (Bromley FC): 2018 Paddy Power World Football Cup Opening Ceremony

8pm (Bromley FC): Barawa v Tamil Eelam (Group A) – buy tickets

Friday 1 June

Rest day

Download: There’s a brilliant CONIFA World Cup wall chart!

Saturday 2 June

2pm (Carshalton Athletic FC): Barawa v Cascadia (Group A) – buy tickets

2pm (Enfield Town FC): Abkhazia v Karpatalya (Group B) – buy tickets

2pm (Haringey Borough FC): Székely Land v Matabeleland (Group C) – buy tickets

2pm (Bracknell Town FC): United Koreans in Japan v Kabylia (Group D) – buy tickets

5pm (Carshalton Athletic FC): Ellan Vannin v Tamil Eelam (Group A) – buy tickets

5pm (Enfield Town FC): Northern Cyprus v Tibet (Group B) – buy tickets

5pm (Haringey Borough FC): Padania v Tuvalu (Group C) – buy tickets

5pm (Slough Town FC): Panjab v Western Armenia (Group D) – buy tickets

Sunday 3 June

3pm (Haringey Borough FC): Barawa v Ellan Vannin (Group A) – buy tickets

3pm (Fisher FC): Tamil Eelam v Cascadia (Group A) – buy tickets

3pm (Enfield Town FC): Abkhazia v Northern Cyprus (Group B) – buy tickets

3pm (Bracknell Town FC): Karpatalya v Tibet (Group B) – buy tickets

6pm (Haringey Borough FC): Tuvalu v Matabeleland (Group C) – buy tickets

6pm (Bedfont Sports FC): Padania v Székely Land (Group C) – buy tickets

6pm (Enfield Town FC): Western Armenia v Kabylia (Group D) – buy tickets

6pm (Slough Town FC): Panjab v United Koreans in Japan (Group D) – buy tickets

Monday 4 June

Rest day

Tuesday 5 June

3pm (Sutton United FC): Quarter-Final A (Group A Winner v Group B Runner-Up) – buy tickets

3pm (Bracknell Town FC): Quarter-Final B (Group C Winner v Group D Runner-Up) – buy tickets

3pm (Bromley FC): Quarterfinal A for Places 9-16 (3rd, Group A v 4th, Group B) – buy tickets

3pm (Enfield Town FC): Quarterfinal B for Places 9-16 (3rd, Group C v 4th, Group D) – buy tickets

6pm (Sutton United FC): Quarter-Final C (Group A Runner-Up v Group B Winner) – buy tickets

6pm (Bromley FC): Quarter-Final D (Group C Runner-Up v Group D Winner) – buy tickets

6pm (Aveley FC): Quarterfinal C for Places 9-16 (4th, Group A v 3rd, Group B) – buy tickets

6pm (Bracknell Town FC): Quarterfinal D for Places 9-16 (4th, Group C v 3rd, Group D) – buy tickets

Wednesday 6 June

Rest day

Thursday 7 June

12pm (Aveley FC): Semifinal A for Places 13-16 – buy tickets

12pm (Sutton United FC): Semifinal B for Places 13-16 – buy tickets

12pm (Enfield Town FC): Semifinal A for Places 9-12 – buy tickets

12pm (Bromley FC): Semifinal B for Places 9-12 – buy tickets

3pm (Sutton United FC): Semifinal A for Places 5-8 – buy tickets

3pm (Bromley FC): Semifinal B for Places 5-8 – buy tickets

5pm (Carshalton Athletic FC): Semifinal A (Winner, Quarterfinal A v Winner, Quarterfinal B) – buy tickets

8pm (Carshalton Athletic FC): Semifinal B (Winner, Quarterfinal C v Winner, Quarterfinal D) – buy tickets

Friday 8 June

Rest day

Saturday 9 June

12pm (Bedfont Sports FC): 15th/16th Placement Game – buy tickets

12pm (Aveley FC): 13th/14th Placement Game – buy tickets

12pm (Fisher FC): 11th/12th Placement Game – buy tickets

12pm, Location TBC: 9th/10th Placement Game – Tickets on sale soon!

3pm, Location TBC: 7th/8th Placement Game – Tickets on sale soon!

3pm (Fisher FC): 5th/6th Placement Game – buy tickets

3pm (Enfield Town FC): Third Place Play-Off (Loser, Semifinal A v Loser, Semifinal B) – buy tickets

6pm (Enfield Town FC): Grand Final (Winner, Semifinal A v Winner, Semifinal B) – buy tickets

8.30pm (Enfield Town FC): 2018 Paddy Power World Football Cup Closing Ceremony


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