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Bracknell Sunday League goalkeeper in Christmas Charity appeal

Bracknell Sunday League goalkeeper in Christmas Charity appeal

As part of his day job, Bracknell Sunday League goalkeeper Lee Barefoot is a ‘recovery facilitator’ with SMART – a charity in Wokingham and has sent us this appeal on behalf organisation.

The Golden Farmer Rangers stopper wrote on his Facebook page: As some of you know I work for a charity that works with people who have drug and alcohol issues.

There are many people we work with who are homeless and as the cold is setting in I ask, politely, that when clearing the wardrobes and such like this winter if you are throwing out any coats, hats, jumpers, trousers, shoes etc could you please donate them and we will ensure that they are sent to someone who desperately needs them.

Lee Barefoot with the Bracknell Sunday League Cup. Photo: Neil Graham

Lee Barefoot with the Bracknell Sunday League Cup. Photo: Neil Graham

Lee – who won the Sunday League senior cup last season with Sunningdale is hoping this appeal amongst the local footballing community will strike a chord.

The charity are also looking for donations of books, DVDs and CDs.

He said: “With Christmas coming up you could really help someone you’ve never met and with no palpable reward. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?”

Lee will collect any donations that you can make, get in contact Lee’s facebook page here.

What is a recovery facilitator?

Lee says: “A recovery facilitator works with the [SMART] service users to either reduce or stop their drinking or drug use whilst they stay in the community rather than go into rehab. We support them in getting into mental health services, liaise with housing associations, support with social services involvement, writing reports for courts. Pretty much anything you can think of that someone might need in that situation.”

Who are SMART?

The SMART website says: ‘We are a charity helping people to overcome the devastating effects of drug and alcohol dependency. We estimate that it affects one in five people at some point in their lives.

‘Our dedicated team work with local people, their families, and other community organisations.  Together we help people reach and maintain recovery for the long term.

‘Our goal is to help you achieve yours. SMART is here to help.’

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