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You’ll hear all the time about the number of football clubs disappearing across the country, and the lack of volunteers to help run clubs that already exist. We can see just by looking at the FA’s ‘full-time’ website that the number of Sunday League clubs in Bracknell has drastically reduced for example.

Well, Duds and I put our heads together and came up with a working-week long campaign to try and encourage more of you to get out there and setup your own clubs and teams for next season.

We’ve given it the original and inspiring title of ‘New Club Week‘ – but the point is to encourage you to take the bold – and at times daunting – step of setting up and running a football team.

Bracknell Town girls with Jade Boho-Sayo of Reading FC Women's team. Photo: Carol Checkley.
Bracknell Town girls with Jade Boho-Sayo of Reading FC Women’s team. Photo: Carol Checkley.

For ‘New Club Week’, which will run from Monday 20th to Friday 25th March – we have spoken to people who have setup their own clubs, we’ve spoken and obtained advice from the County FA, we’ve thought about and collated our own experiences in local football and we’ve delved in to some of the tools we think will help make running a club much easier.

We’ll also look and the funding side of things, which quite often can be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when setting up a new club and we’ve got details on how you can apply for funding from the Football Foundation through their ‘Grow the Game’ initiative.

We want to hear from you as well:

  • If you’ve got any advice for people, or stories you’d like to share
  • If you’ve got any warnings around the possible pitfalls
  • If you are a business looking to get your name out there as a sponsor

We hope you will find the content we produce during the week useful, and if you do have something to add then you can do that via our Contribute page, in the comments below or via our NCW facebook event setup especially for this project.

Tom & Duds

You can follow all the ‘New Club Week’ content on our dedicated page here.

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