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Wokingham & Emmbrook striker Matt Booth stuns crowd with SIX goals in league win

Wokingham & Emmbrook striker Matt Booth stuns crowd with SIX goals in league win

The score line isn’t the most remarkable thing about Wokingham & Emmbrook Reserves 7-1 win at Aston Clinton Reserves on Saturday.

That honour goes to striker Matt Booth who scored six goals for the Satsuma’s as a second half substitute.

But that still isn’t the most remarkable thing.. wait for it..

He did it in 32 minutes.

32 minutes!

In fairness, Robert Lewandowski hit five in 9 minutes for Bayern Munich last season.

But Booth hit SIX.

Wokingham & Emmbrook FC striker Matt Booth.

Wokingham & Emmbrook FC striker Matt Booth.

We spoke to Booth’s manager Tom McNelly after the match, which the Satsuma’s were leading 1-0 thanks to an Elliott Rushforth goal.

McNelly said: “We were 1-0 up with half an hour to go, I was getting a bit nervous because I thought we needed another goal.

“I said to Matt, just get us another goal will you?”

Booth, as we’ve established did better than that.

An obviously delighted McNelly said: “Matt scored with his first touch! The second was a penalty and then after that it’s a bit of a blur.

“His sixth though was a header, I think they scored at about 6-0 but I was just in awe!”

Booth rejoined the Sumas in the summer after some time away from football but had previously come through the ranks with Wokingham having started out at under 7 level.

The Wokingham striker joins a select band of players in England to score six if this passage we’ve pinched from CNN Sport is anything to by:

Former gas inspector Ted Drake knocked in seven for Arsenal in a 7-1 win over Aston Villa in 1935, setting the English top flight record.

Four other English league players — including another three Englishmen — have scored five. Andy Cole (for Manchester United against Ipswich), Alan Shearer (Newcastle United vs. Sheffield Wednesday), Jermain Defoe (Spurs vs. Wigan Athletic) and Dimitar Berbatov (Manchester United vs. Blackburn Rovers) have all netted five times in a single league game.

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