Has the best 5 aside goal been scored at Wellington College in Crowthorne?

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You are going to enjoy this one.

Our mates at Stocker Soccer regularly record the games at the 5 a side events and occasioally come up with absolute gems like this moment a goalkeeper is lobbed and the goal from Lewis Francis that we are about to show you.

Francis plays for the brilliantly named Balotelli Tubbies and the goal – a swift counter attack and audacious finish that even the man himself would be proud of – is one of the best you’ll see.

Note the lung-busting support run from Francis’ teammate at the far post, but even he won’t be complaining after watching the finish.

You want to see it? Here it is!

We’ve had some brilliant goals shared with us these last few weeks, as well as a few gaffes.

Whether it’s Jai McDonald’s worldy in the Bracknell Sunday League or Bracknell Town utility player Callum Whitty kicking the ball in to his own face.

If you’ve got a moment of genius or despair you’d like to share with us you can do so via our contribute page here, our facebook page here or by sending the video on WhatsApp to 07739468202.

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