Nominations wanted for Referee of the Year in Bracknell Football Awards



Bracknell Football Awards referee of the year.


We launched the inaugural Bracknell Football Awards this week – with one of the key categories being the Referee of the Year award.

We all know how important referees are toward running the game we all love, and at FootballinBracknell we want to make sure that they are celebrated.

It’s easy to criticise referees, I’ve definitely done it time and again and it’s only when you have to step in to officiate a match (which I’ve done this season) you realise just how tough a job it is – particularly when your own team disagree with you!

The mistakes are often what make the back pages, but there have undoubtedly been some superb performances, great moments or just consistent refereeing throughout this season locally, so please let us know who these men and women in black are and help us give them the credit they deserve.

Here’s the nomination form – and to find out more about all the categories click here.

Can’t see the form? Click to have it open up externally here.

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