Referee George Maxwell nominated for Bracknell Football Award




Young official George Maxwell has been nominated for the first Bracknell Football Awards ‘Referee of the Season’ prize.

We received three nominations for the category for George – a referee in the Bracknell Town & District Sunday League which read:

“For a young man (20 I think?) he has brilliant presence on the pitch, and always explains things fairly. I’ve seen him a few times this season and every time he has been reasonable and honest with the players, even admitting a mistake from time to time but he never lets himself be pushed around. All in all George is a quality referee who deserves to be recognised for his good efforts.”

Another nomination read: “George has ref’d us a few times this year, and I have been really impressed! He is young but talks to players like he has been doing it for years. Always polite, explains the reasons for decisions in a calm and non-condescending way. He lets the game flow, and tries to play the advantage as much as possible.

“As a 43 year old Division 3 player I doubt we will see him much next season as he is a future Dennis Keen in the making. Nice lad, great ref!”

Possibly the highest praise though came in three words.. “Consistently high standard.”

If you think George is deserving of the ‘Referee of the Year’ award or you have someone who you’d like to nominate, please fill out the form below to cast your vote.

You can see a full list of Bracknell Football Award featured nominations here.

Can’t see the form? Click to have it open up externally here.

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