Ollie Kaya nominated for Bracknell Football Award




Young Bracknell referee Ollie Kaya has been nominated for an EPC Bracknell Football Award in the category of Referee of the Season.

Kaya has been promoted to a level 6 referee this summer and has been seen running the line at Hellenic League games this season. Kaya took part in an in depth interview with Football in Bracknell and we can honestly say the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

During the wide ranging interview Kaya said: “Refereeing’s a pretty thankless task, but it also opens you up to a lot more opportunities than a lot of jobs. I was never the best player when I was younger, but loved football, so being a referee was a perfect way of staying in touch with the game, it’s given me a whole new perspective on football and I’ve met some fantastic people along the way.”

Amongst the nominations we’ve received for Kaya, one simply says: “Best Young Ref that we have seen this season.”

Nominations open! Know someone deserving of recognition? Nominate them for a Bracknell Football Award here

Another says: “Excellent and consistent refereeing throughout the season. A good presence on the pitch also.” while another says: “Watched him in a few games as a linesman at a high level, at his age he has adapted well to the high pressure put on his shoulders.”

If you think Ollie is deserving of the ‘Referee of the Season’ award or you have someone who you’d like to nominate for any category, please fill out the form below to cast your vote! Don’t forget to post your team of the season here.

Can’t see the form? Click to open it in a new window here.

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