‘Virtual’ refereeing team nominated for Bracknell Football Award




A group of referees dubbed a ‘virtual team’ of seven people has been nominated for an EPC Bracknell Football Award in the category of  ‘Outstanding contribution to local football’.

Without further ado, here is the nomination in full:

The people I’d like to nominate are: – Tom Walton – Lisa Benn (B&BFA Referee Development Officer) – Glyn Wellington (Various) – Phil Rees (Ascot United Referee Secretary) – Ramon Henson (Bracknell RA) – Rob Fenton (Bracknell RA) – Mick White (Bracknell RA) I want to nominate a virtual team of seven people for this award. In summary, this is a virtual team of people, mostly volunteers (but one who is employed by Berks & Buck FA), who provide an astounding level of support to young referees.

They don’t formally work together collectively as a single team, but they all provide beyond exceptional levels of support to young referees. They vary from the County RDO, to the County Referees Development Group, local Referees Association, to mentors, football league and club referee secretaries.

As I say, it’s a disparate team of people, but the one thing in common is their aim to nurture, develop and support young referees.

Nominations open! Know someone deserving of recognition? Nominate them for a Bracknell Football Award here

I’m simply just the parent of a 17-year-old referee who recognises the time and effort they each individually put into supporting, developing and nurturing young referees, and do feel they should collectively get some formal recognition for the time and effort they individually but collectively put into it.

They are all only a phone call away if any help is ever required and they are always happy to spend as much time as is required by anyone who asks for their support. They come and watch matches, providing their observations, discuss talking points during the game. This is more than invaluable, especially to help make the next generation of referees all the better. When we look at the young referees coming through the ranks, the confidence they have to officiate (in the middle, or on the line) is all built up by the various inputs all these people individually put in.

This group truly are exceptional and are deserving.

Main image: Referees whistle. Photo via www.tvsa.org/referee-whistle

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