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New Uhlsport Hellenic League match ball revealed

Meet the ball you'll become familiar with in the Hellenic League this season

New Uhlsport Hellenic League match ball revealed

With excitement around the new season building we’ve been made aware that the Uhlsport Hellenic League will have a new design on their match balls next season.

We’ve not managed to get hold of one yet ourselves for a kick about but there is plenty of chatter about the new ball – which still shows the Hellenic League logo – on social media.

Bizarrely, the signature colour of the new ball is a greenish yellow and it will certainly be interesting to see how it performs as the nights come in and we all start enjoying some chilly midweek football.

Reading City manager Andy Findlay was the first to the bring the ball to our attention on the Football in Bracknell WhatsApp group and said: So this is the new designed Hellenic League match balls that we were given yesterday, evidently we will be able to see them better in the air, not sure about on grass and won’t need to change balls in the winter months, any thoughts??

Severn Sport’s Ryan Butler said: “I quite like that but I feel that I shouldn’t!”

The previous design

Uhlsport have supplied the footballs to the league since their sponsorship of the Hellenic League began. From personal experience with the ball it always felt heavier than other ‘professional’ match balls so it will be interesting to get feed back on the new ball when it is kicked for the first time in anger.

The previous Uhlsport Hellenic League match ball. Photo: Neil Graham.

The previous Uhlsport Hellenic League match ball. Photo: Neil Graham.

Uhlsport have supplied the footballs for the Northern Irish Football League since 2016. The footballs were used in each of NIFL’s competitions including the Danske Bank Premiership through to the Championship and Premier Intermediate League as well as in the Danske Bank Women’s Premiership.

Football in Bracknell’s Northern Irish football correspondent Chris Sherrard at BelfastLive said of the ball currently used: “I like it. At least it’s different. There’s a fluorescent version for the gloomy winter months too which is nice.”

No word yet on whether the Hellenic League will get a nice fluorescent version yet.

Like it? Loath it? Does it matter? Let us know in the comments below. Main image supplied by Andy Findlay.

Tom Canning

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