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The 2018/19 FA Cup prize fund – a round by round guide

The Football Association have confirmed details of the prize fund for each round of this season's FA Cup

The 2018/19 FA Cup prize fund – a round by round guide

The Football Association announced in January 2018 that it was doubling the prize money in this seasons Emirates FA Cup from the £13 million available last season.

As a result of that, the winners of the Extra Preliminary Round will receive £750 more than in last season’s FA Cup while the losing sides in the EPR and Preliminary Rounds will now be awarded a windfall where previous seasons they were not.

The increased financial incentives in the competition are one of a number of changes that Football in Bracknell has documented here. You can see the full draw for the Extra Preliminary Round and Preliminary Round here.

  • Extra Preliminary £2,250 (Winning side); £750 (Losing side)
  • Preliminary £2,890 (Winning side); £960 (Losing side)
  • First Round Qual £6,000
  • Second Round Qual £9,000
  • Third Round Qual £15,000
  • Fourth Round Qual £25,000
  • First Round Proper £36,000
  • Second Round Proper £54,000
  • Third Round Proper £135,000
  • Fourth Round Proper £180,000
  • Fifth Round Proper £360,000
  • Quarter Final £720,000
  • Semi Final (Winner) £1,800,000
  • Semi Final (Loser) £900,000
  • Final (Runners-Up) £1,800,000
  • Final (Winner) £3,600,000

All the latest transfer news ahead of the 2019/20 season is here. Keep up with all the pre season fixtures in Berkshire here.

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