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Tuffley Rovers touching tribute to Reading City managers father

Rovers pay tribute to Andy Findlay's father

Tuffley Rovers touching tribute to Reading City managers father

Football can be all encompassing but sometimes you read about a moment in the paper or on social media that really makes you think about the good the game can do.

Step forward Tuffley Rovers who on Saturday held a minutes silence in memory of Reading City manager Andy Findlay’s father.

The act was a complete surprise to Findlay who sadly lost his father Malcolm last week to Motor Neurone Disease.

Andy said of the gesture: “They were unreal, really did not expect such a gesture, some of their players were superb as well taking time to personally give me their best wishes after the game on the pitch.

“The memory will stay with me forever and I think sums up grass roots football, more in touch with the people and it’s supporters than many professional clubs.”

Reading City chairman Martin Laws said on twitter: “Huge respect from Tuffley Rovers and Neil, a class act to arrange a minutes silence before the game for our manager Andy in memory of his dad who passed this week.”

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Malcolm Findlay, please click here.

Tom Canning

Tom is the co-editor of Football in Berkshire. He has played at the lowest possible level of football. In real life Tom works for Reach PLC. Former manager of Binfield Ladies in the Thames Valley Women's League.

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