‘The Rivermoor’ nominated for Bracknell Football ground award




To us it’ll always be Scours Lane, but you can’t deny that ‘The Rivermoor’ – home to Reading City and Woodley United had undergone a fair bit of improvement over the last 12 months.

The ground, previously the home of Reading Town, has seen a huge improvement in the playing surface which held up very well and was still in good condition as the season came to a close.

In fact, I even wrote a ‘perfect matchday’ piece about the ground.

As a result we’ve received nominations for it in the category of ‘Best Ground’ in the EPC Bracknell Football Awards. The club have also been nominated for a social media award.

One nomination reads: “Rivermoor Stadium has seen extensive work both on and off the pitch during 2018-19 season that has resulted in improved draining significantly reducing the number of postponements due to waterlogging. The playing surface has significantly improved such that end of season cup finals at the venue saw a grass covered pitch rather than one that could be described as a “dust bowl”. In addition the floodlights have been upgrade making evening games an improved experience for team and spectators alike. Further to this the club house has seen an upgrade with an a wider range of hot food being available on match days. Friendly nature of the bar staff, Lorraine and Vicky helps create an enjoyable environment.”

Is The Rivermoor your Best Ground around over the last 12 months? Or are there others we should be talking about? Get your votes in for The Rivermoor and any other nominations for the Bracknell Football Awards in the form below. You can find out about all the categories here.

Can’t see the form? Click here to open it up in a new window.

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