Ricky Simons nominated for Bracknell Football Award




Bracknell Town’s club secretary Ricky Simons has again been nominated for the EPC Bracknell Football Awards.

Simons has been the Robins club secretary for nearly two seasons as significant change and growth continues behind the scenes at Larges Lane.

One nomination reads: “Ricky has been an outstanding contributor to helping managers and players get what they want, when they want, all the time! He consistently puts himself forward and has never refused a task, no matter how big or small. Everyone looks out to Ricky for all their needs and he can be mounted on to deliver. I am proud to be at BTFC and have Ricky on my side, always.”

Another received says: “Aside from the great work he does to support Bracknell Town FC week on week, he has been fantastic in supporting my son William achieve his 5 referee matches required for his qualification. He’s a great asset to the club and I for one am very grateful.”

And another says: “There are a lot of fantastic volunteers in local non league football but my vote has to go to Ricky at Bracknell Town. He lives and breathes BTFC. I though he only looked after the twitter but recently found out he is club secretary not just for the first team but all the youth sides aswell.”

Is Ricky your volunteer of the season? Or are there others we should be talking about? Get your votes in for Ricky and any other nominations for the Bracknell Football Awards in the form below. You can find out about all the categories here.

Can’t see the form? Click here to open it up in a new window.

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