New 2019/20 Uhlsport Hellenic League football revealed

What do you make of the new ball?
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It is becoming a bit of an annual thing now for the Uhlsport Hellenic League to release a newly designed football each summer ahead of the new season.

Last summer, what can best be described as a ‘snazzy’ green patterned design was released to a relatively positive reaction although the ball did prove a little difficult to pick out for supporters during some of the winter months.

There should be no such issues with this new design which is very white with Hellenic League colours of yellow and blue splashed across it.

The new Uhlsport Hellenic League match ball. Photo: Andy Findlay.
The new 2017/18 Uhlsport Hellenic League match ball. Photo: Andy Findlay.

The ball appears to be part of the newly released Uhlsport Synergy range of footballs.

Football in Berkshire hasn’t been able to try out the new ball so can only go on what it looks like, and we think with its subtle splash of colour it looks quite smart!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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What do you think? 


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