Thames Valley Premier League earns Berkshire Football Awards nomination




The Thames Valley Premier League has been nominated for a Berkshire Football Award in the Man V Fat Best Community Campaign or Content category.

It was difficult to know where to pop this nomination but the organising team felt that what the TVPL did was a boost to the local football community last summer and therefore deserved to be in the Community Campaign category.

The nomination we received said: “While the TVPL isn’t necessarily a ‘campaign’, last summer the league made a decision to carry on and finish the 2020\/21 season however long it took. Lots of other leagues simply curtailed what they were doing but the TVPL carried on through the summer and finished its competition. Why is this important as a ‘campaign’? Post-lockdown, this decision was a HUGE thing for lovers of grassroots football. It allowed interested people to get out and watch games live. It was almost like a collective sigh of relief. The impact on the league – which was firmly in the limelight and had it all to itself – and the people involved playing and watching was huge. And there were some massive crowds at games where previously it might only have been a handful of supporters – I’m personally aware of people coming from as far away as Cornwall to catch games. It was wonderful to see and everyone involved with the league and its clubs deserve full credit for pressing on when I am sure there were people looking at them and wondering what was going on.”

Do you think TVPL is a worthy winner, or have you got other campaigns to tell us about? Scroll down to fill out the nomination form for the Man V Fat Best Community Campaign or Content award.

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Scroll down to the bottom of this article for the nomination form. Before you do that though, here’s what the judging panel are looking for when choosing the shortlist.

What’s the story? Tell us exactly why the person or place should be considered. We hate to get all ‘X Factor journey’ on you but the more detail you can include, the better we can argue for your nominee for the short list.

The sort of details we love to see include things like player awards, goals, clean sheets and any other significant contributions to the footballing community – obviously within the 2021/22 season.

There have already been hundreds of nominations for the 2022 awards, we’ve published a lot but still have a lot more to do!

You can view all the 2022 nominees so far here.

Want to know who’s previously won what at the Berkshire Football Awards? There’s a big long page with all the previous winners here.

Nominations will be open until midnight on Tuesday 31st May 2022. Once that date has passed the nominations in each category will be put before a panel of judges for a decision, the top three announced online and the winners at the awards night on Wednesday 15th June.

We will accept nominations for people out of area, the only prerequisite is that the reason for nomination is that it must be because of an affiliation with a club we cover on Football in Berkshire (a full list is at the bottom of this page). We will present certificates and a trophy to the winners.

  • You can nominate as many people as you like for each award
  • Please try and avoid nominating your own family members.
  • Due to difficulties in obtaining permissions under child protection laws we won’t consider any player under the age of 16 for nomination in any of the categories

Nomination Form

The nomination form for the 2022 Berkshire Football Awards will be live at the beginning of March.

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