Ben Poynter celebrates scoring with Sean Hanley. Photo: Neil Graham.
Ben Poynter celebrates scoring with Sean Hanley. Photo: Neil Graham.

Who’s FiB-ing? 9,000 read FootballinBracknell in October 2016

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Ben Poynter celebrates scoring with Sean Hanley. Photo: Neil Graham.
Ben Poynter celebrates scoring with Sean Hanley. Photo: Neil Graham.

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FootballinBracknell is a labour of love for Darrell and I, we do it in our spare time and try to cover as much local football as we possibly can – meaning we still miss an awful lot of it!

However, just because it is a hobby doesn’t mean we don’t have some goals that we want to hit with it like 1,000 facebook likes by Christmas or an average of 900 pages views on a week day.

We’re working to all of these goals but thought in the interests of showing you either how popular (or not) Fiwas it’d help to show just how much football in East Berkshire is thriving .

Our top level October 2016 figures from Google Analytics show the following:

  • 21,973 page views – this is the number of pages (articles, the homepage etc) that were loaded
  • 9,163 users – that’s the number of individual people accessing the site

Those figures are both increases on September which were 17,877 page views and 7,076 uniques.

Top stories

These were the top five most read in October 2016:


Breaking those down, we know that 10% of that audience is Bracknell based with the biggest audience being in London – although that is skewed if for example you access Fiat work – check via the default location on Google Maps, mine always shows me at Canary Wharf!

But the spread of audience location is pleasingly local!

  1. London (25.18%)
  2. Reading (13.82%)
  3. Bracknell (10.05%)
  4. Slough (5.82%)
  5. Wokingham (2.57%)

New ways to engage

We have added FiB to the Google search platform AMP and are hoping to be confirmed on Facebook Instant Articles in the next 24 hours. These should both help spread the word about our local game considerably.

Available right now, we’ve setup a bunch of automated twitter feeds which tweet the latest news for specific clubs and leagues as soon as we post it. We’ve also thrown in a couple of feeds from the club websites to mix it up a bit.

Finally, the newsletter is 800 subscribers long and we’ll be setting the auto-club newsletters running shortly. These will be similar to the twitter feeds but deliver the latest news on your club daily to your inbox.

That’s it for this month, thank you for your continued support of FiB

Duds & TC

Main image: Ben Poynter by Neil Graham.

Football in Berkshire is a not for profit site run by volunteers. We feel though that sometimes people need rewarding for the hard work they put in and we wanted to let you know you can support our contributors individually if you so wish. Contributors to this article are as follows:


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