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We’ve had a bit of criticism about our Bracknell Sunday League coverage today, so we thought we’d try to address it.

I’ve quite rightly asked why we did not acknowledge Bracknell Cavaliers 4-2 win at reigning champions FC Fernhill in the Bracknell Town & District Sunday League and the simple answer is, we missed it.

I know, the results are right there in front of you but we have a specific layout for the piece which covers big wins, clean sheets and ‘top of the table’ (but from a brief look it was ‘as you were’ in each division this week) and it simply didn’t register when going through the results. Let me say now it’s a fantastic win and I really wish it had!

We’re trying to keep across as much local football as we can between the two of us and sometimes we miss things – it’s very easy to see with hindsight that yes, FC Fernhill were unbeaten all of last season in the league but we’re still building up our knowledge of the higher divisions and we do rely on clubs putting that kind of information out there as well.

We ‘like’ all the Sunday League facebook pages we’re aware of and have a list setup for all the Sunday clubs on twitter we know about and these are all checked ahead of putting the piece together.

The last thing we want is a rambling list of results that no one will read and the more depth we can get from clubs the better – it’s why some clubs are featured more than others – because they put information out which obviously helps us put together a mildly interesting article.

My other point is that looking at the coverage of the league (and none of this is a dig at anyone else) – there is the excellent weekly Bracknell News comprehensive round-up BUT that’s four or five days after matches in the paper – we’re attempting to do it the day after, so while I apologise if teams feel they are missed out – the more teams can put out there, the more we will be able to do.

We want to know the goalscorers, we want to see the mad goal videos and hear the stories, but there are two of us running the site for fun and I hope you can appreciate we are doing as much as we can.

In short, we want your contributions. If there is anything to highlight, pointing out a good score, telling us goalscorers, sharing photos and videos then it can be done easily via ‘Contribute’ page.


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