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You may notice our usual glowing green logo is looking ‘pretty in pink’ right now. Why is that? We’ve changed it this October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cause close to our hearts.

Around 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK. 1 in 7 women in the UK will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, with one woman diagnosed every 10 minutes. Though significantly less common, men are also still at risk with approximately 370 diagnosed each year.

Breast Cancer Now launched their TLC campaign, Touch your breasts: can you feel anything new or unusual? Look for changes: does anything look different to you? Check any new or unusual changes with a GP. You can find more extensive information published by the organisation right here.

Meanwhile in Berkshire, you will find two screening locations, the West Berkshire Screening Service in Reading (RG1 5LE) and the main hub of the county in Windsor at The Parapet, King Edward VII Hospital (SL4 3DP).

If, like our very own Women’s Football Correspondent, you’re a kit fanatic, you’ll have had eagle eyes on Caversham United’s kit release. It’s a real masterpiece. The men already have a brilliant partnership with charity ‘Balls to Cancer’ as club founder and chairman Paul Gutteridge pointed that out to us when we announced the side would be forming a women’s team

The Breast Cancer Now logo on Caversham United's new kit Photo: Oakmist Photography /
The Breast Cancer Now logo on Caversham United’s new kit Photo: Oakmist Photography /

“As you no doubt know, our men’s side have formed a fruitful partnership with Balls to Cancer, raising over £6,000 for them in the past two seasons. Charity is another big part of what we do as a club, recently raising £3,000+ for the Bradley Lowery Foundation in a charity match.” 

He went on to explain that they put it to the player’s to choose a charity and they decided upon, Breast Cancer Now, “The charity have been great so far and we look forward to working with them in the future. Hopefully, we can develop a fruitful partnership as we have on the men’s side with BTC!”

We also spoke to Women’s team coach Georgia Graham about their sponsor choice, “Breast Cancer Now is a charity very close to a number of our hearts, we felt very passionate about highlighting the amazing work they do and showing our support”, she echoed much of what Paul had to say about the decision, “The men’s team have formed a really successful partnership with Balls to Cancer, raising over £6000 for them, so we hope to do the same with Breast Cancer Now.”

S4K also used a recent weekend off to highlight charities and how to look after yourself. Check out their thread below.

There are plenty of charities you can support, volunteer or donate to this month, and any other time of the year in fact, including Breast Cancer Now, CoppaFeel!, Cancer Research and Know Your Lemons.

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