RSSL Report: Woodley Saints 2-1 Tilehurst Titans

The Reading Sunday Social League header



The Reading Sunday Social League header


Report from Sunday’s Reading Sunday Social League fixture between Woodley Saints and Tilehurst Titans at Berks County Sports Club.

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Goalscorers (or goalkeeper if clean sheet)

WS: Brandon Thompson, Josh Stemp

TT: Scott Terry

Your player of the match

WS: Brandon Thompson. Ran the midfield today and scored his first goal for the club

TT: Brett House, battled hard at LB and using good strength and a good passing game really helped us bring the ball out from the back.

Best moment of the match

WS: Adam Saunders at 40 years old rolled back the years with 2 assists and his first 90 minutes in over 12 years.

TT: Our goalkeeper James Waggoner, pulling off an amazing double save to keep us in the game.

Most ‘Sunday League’ moment of the day?

WS: One centre back totally wipes out the other centre back with a slide tackle, missing the ball allowing Tilehurst to score an easy tap in.

TT: Myself running the line, thinking the ref had blown the whistle to stop play and trying to make a sub, somehow the referee actually allowed me to make the sub even the ball was still live. I should have called for penalties every time we got in the box

Absolutely anything else?


TT: Another enjoyable game against a tough opposition. Really happy that our lads battled till the final whistle.

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League table

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