Marcus Mealing on the move and all the Combined Counties League player registrations 12/2/2020 to 20/2/2020




Former Thatcham Town and Bracknell Town striker Marcus Mealing has depearted Knaphill to sign for fellow Combined Counties Premier Division club Southall.

Molesey were the busiest this week signing on eight new faces.

KNOWLEDGE: How non league transfers work and dual registration explained. All the latest transfer news from the men’s and women’s leagues can be found here.

Premier Division

Badshot Lea
Out: Zac Hawker (departed for Frimley Green)

Camberley Town
In: Ryan Allen
In: Robert De’ath
In: Josh Francis

CB Hounslow United
In: Luke Bersey
In: Nicholas Hardy
In: Turnell Sinclair

Egham Town
Out: Brian Testolin

Frimley Green
In: Zac Hawker
In: Zachary Walker
Out: Robert De’ath

Guildford City
In: Bobby Dormer

Hanworth Villa
In: Taurean McDonald-Roberts
In: Levi Phillips
Out: Luke Bersey
Out: Turnell Sinclair

In: Jacob Stevenson
Out: Marcus Mealing (departed for Southall)

In: Alexander Bellingham
In: Drew Ferdihand
In: Benjamin Gunnlaugarson
In: Kenji McCracken
In: Parker Moore
In: Diego Ramirez
In: Eduardo Ramirez Roq
In: Andrew Vermillion

In: Christian Barnes
In: Ehis Izokun
In: Jaden Perez
Out: Tony Martin

In: Oliver Creed
In: Elgi Fejzo

In: Marcus Mealing
In: Brian Testolin

Sutton Common Rovers
Out: Max Martin
Out: Jaden Perez

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