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Chalvey Sports have endured a difficult season in the Cherry Red Combined Counties Division One. They finished bottom of the divison winning only six of their forty league matches, finishing six points behind second bottom Cove.

Despite finishing bottom of Step 6 the club did have the opportunity to seek a reprieve from the FA to continue playing at that level. However, club chairman Scott Young has dismissed such suggestions by saying the club will look to play in Step 7 next season.

Chalvey Sports Official Club Statement

After finishing bottom of the Combined Counties Football League Division One last season, we are currently waiting on the FA to see where our football future lies.

The two options are relegation to Step 7 or a reprieve.

Unfortunately the club have made the difficult decision to reject a repireve and therefore give up the potential of playing at Step 6 for the next season and beyond.

Our decision is purely based on sustainability. We do not own our own ground and do not generate any income and this is something that isn’t likely change any time soon.

The other side of this decision is based on the club’s infrastructure. Since arriving at Step 6 our volunteer pool has basically shrunk to three or four people. This is too much responsibility for a small number of volunteers at this level with everything falling at the feet of such a small number of people.

Wwe have informed the Combined Counties league today of our decision and would like to thank them for their understanding. The League committee do an excellent job and we thank them for being such a well run league.

We’d like to thank The Combined Counties League and The Hellenic League for our time at Step 6.

Many thanks to Burnham Football Club for allowing us to ground share at such a great stadium this season and for their help behind the scenes. Many thanks to Glenn, Paul and of course to both Michelles who have helped us so much.

Also a thank you to Kay Lathey who helped us so much at Arbour park for the five seasons that we were there for.

It’s been great playing sides that we’d had only met as underdogs in county cups previously. We’d like to think that we have made many friends during our time at this level and we hope to see you again in the future.

Our football future is to be confirmed. We will announce where we will be playing next season as soon as we know.

The future of the club will continue, and this is the most important thing. We rebuild, enjoy our football and continue to provide football for people who want to play the beautiful game, something this club has proudly done since 1885.

Many thanks,

Yours in football,

Scott Young

PROUD Chairman of Chalvey Sports


All at Football in Berkshire wish Scott Young and the Stabmonks all the best as they seek to enjoy a better season in 2022/2023.

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